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Tamar Eisenman

About Tamar Eisenman: When a 5foot4 inch Israeli chick with an amazing look and a mean blond Fender Telecaster gets on stage, and the crowd struggles to get a look at this phenomenon- you know something’s going on.

Tamar Eisenman has the power to lure in her audience and make them hers, leaving them spellbound and in love by the end of her show. Mixing crisp guitars and true feminine funk-groove, Tamar and her unarguable sense of cool sparks of musicality and sensitivity. This 27 year old, with two successful releases already in hand and another due out this winter is obviously on her way to leaving a significant mark on the global music scene. Creating a new genre of what she calls “hip-rock”. Tamar combines personal, warm, soulful lyrics with powerful guitars and funky beats.

Her music appeals to young crowds all over the world. Her lyrics and melodies are universal, and speak to all ears. She possesses the ability to both allow immediate connection and still hold uniqueness yet to be seen not only in Israel- but all over the world. As a child, walking the streets of San Francisco, Tamar’s eyes and ears were opened to new ideas and styles like folk, country, rock and funk- which was also the starting point to her evolving as a professional guitar player.

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