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About Profetic: I was never a good kid but I was good hearted and I tryed. My parents, who came from Ethiopia, raised me and my smaller sister in Seattle, WA. I was not born an American citizen but moved here when I was 5 and became one. My half-sister and half-brother didn't become apart of the family until recently, but they are a big part of my life. My family was never rich or very poor, my parents tryed to survive on food stamps and goverment check's until they got on there feet . My parents argued and fought like all parents and always made up. I was raised in a strong family with a strong mom, and that's what really made me who I am. We moved alot from ghetto to ghetto, hood to hood and that opened my eyes to a lot of things early in life, which made me a stronger person and also made me more connected to people. My mom was determined to get out of the ghetto, working 2 to 3 job hardly having time to sleep. My dad also worked 2 jobs. That determination proved to work,with them now living in a 3-bedroom house. As a kid I always got into trouble but never on purpose. I was never a kid for school but always one to learn and know more about the world and why people do certain things. Basiclly seeking knowledge. -------I wrote my first song when I was thirteen years old. Music and entertaining were always apart of my life. I loved music but I also loved basketball which was my first love. I started playing basketball when I was about 6 and I feel in love with it ever-since. But I made a decision during the summer of my Junior year that I would only focus on music my Senior year of High School. And that I did, thats when I got serious. And hooked up with a local big-time dj, named Dj Scene. And I still hustle and grind today. I still have that undeniable hunger to be a successful Hip Hop artist and hopfully one day the best. At this time I'm sending demo tapes to record labels and doing mixtapes. As long as I can remember I have always wanted to make Good music for people, and provided the best of Hip Hop to listeners locally and world-wide. I have no doubt that one day my hard work will pay off. REALLY I just want to MOVE PEOPLE with my MUSIC.

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