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Id Guinness

About Id Guinness: Over the years, Vancouver artist Id (rhymes with Syd) Guinness has performed and recorded with many Canadian artists and bands. Several of his songs have been on Canadian playlists including 'Open Your Heart' - the title cut of an African famine relief benefit album which was sung by a cast of many and played across the country. Id received a West Coast Music Award and an Oxfam Canada Award for his work on the project.

As a solo artist, Id contributed a track to the Vancouver anthology 'Eight on Eight' and released the six-song EP 'Beat the Heat.’

Over the past few years Id has been writing and recording again non-stop and is a touring member of the multiple Juno-nominee group The Wyrd Sisters.

His new 13 song collection fuses the art rock influences of Roxy Music, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, U2, The Beatles and Radiohead with Asian and Middle Eastern instrumentation. Heavy with anthems, lush arrangements, dense production, strong vocals and intelligent lyrics, Cure For The Common Crush has already been hailed by critics across North America and Europe as one of the strongest releases of the year.

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