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About Rooom: Lead singer Romagna, producer/guitarist Ronno, and rappers Stamina and DNA all have something in common besides their love for music: they all have a great sense of self-belief, do their own thing, and have their own personal drive. You couldn’t meet four more different people; their backgrounds are all varied, and they each have their own particular musical talent, but they all work together in perfect harmony within the group.

Ronno, Romagna, DNA, and Stamina have been involved with R.O.O.O.M since 2003.
The foundations were laid when Ronno and Romagna got acquainted in a club they were both booked to perform at. The two got along so well that they decided to team up and get working together musically. A later encounter with rappers Stamina and DNA completed the team.

R.O.O.O.M have been playing any- and everywhere ever since and have been making a huge splash in the process! It may have something to do with their wild nine-man line-up during their live set. They are joined on stage by a drummer, bassist, keyboard player, and two backing vocalists. R.O.O.O.M are at their best when they’re up on stage performing, and every single show is a massive party.

In 2005 they struck gold when a talent scout from a major management agency happened to be in the audience. She was seriously impressed from the start, and left her card with the group afterwards. After that, everything just snowballed: R.O.O.O.M signed up with the management agency, were presented with a contract from a major recording label, and have a single and album release to look forward to in the near future.

Romagna is still dizzy from the speed of the recent events surrounding the band; "It’s just happened so incredibly fast, and now this ‘streetcat’ is about to earn her dough making her own music!”

The group members themselves describe what they do as ‘urban pop with just that little bit extra’. The raps give it a hip-hop edge, the vocals are on the poppy side. On stage, Ronno, Romagna, DNA, and Stamina sure know how to put on a show, and their music can’t fail to move anyone who hears it. Although music should always be about having a good time, R.O.O.O.M’s lyrics are definitely not an afterthought, as with all good music.

Their debut single First Thing has been released August 18th, the second single Get Up followed December 8th 2006. The R.O.O.O.M debut album will follow in the Spring of 2007.

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