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About Zino: Haim Zinowits a.k.a Zino is one of Israel's unique artists, singer-songwriter-producer.
Zino is a chameleon artist; throughout his career he's managed to change identities and styles, combining commercial work with alternative and is considered to be a pioneer in the music business.

As a child he was influenced by a variety of music styles.
His mother used to play 60's-70's pop music as well as South-American music while his grandfather used to listen to Balkan, Gypsy and classical music. His father, who had Moroccan roots, listened to Middle-Eastern music.

All of these components had an effect on his debut album as a solo artist, titled “The Gibberish Project”, released in 1992. Zino's performance in stage combined 15 musicians from all over the world together with a large choir. It was considered one of the first world music albums even before the phrase "world music " was known in Israel.

In 1994 Zino released his second album; Once again he was a pioneer in bringing a rough alternative-hard rock CD into the Israeli music market.

His 3rd album “Zino vs. The Human Beat Box” was released in 1996 which was a musical masterpiece based on human voices. Hip-Hop and Chill-Out were just part of the genres on this album.
Tracks off this CD were placed in the hit TV shows “The Sopranos”, “Sex and the City”, “Malcolm in the Middle”, the film “Cat Woman” (feat. Halle Berry) and many more…

In 1996 Zino released the project “White Powder Ma” – his first and successful attempt to enter the world's music scene.
Tracks from this album appeared in top TV series and films such as: “Lord of War” (starring Nicolas Cage), “Malcolm in the Middle”, “Third Watch” and many more.

In the year 2000 Zino managed to pull off one of the media's biggest conspiracies, whilst disguised as a criplled, fully burned man he's released a painful album under this identity which lead the entire coutry to believe this to be a true story. The album ended up selling a huge amount of 450,000 copies before and even after the scam was revealed. This was followed up by the “The burned man” volume 2, released in 2001.

Zino's music has been placed in over 2000 TV shows, films, video games, ads and promos throughout the past 7 years including:
The Sopranos (6 times)
Sex & the City (5 times)
Third Watch
Malcolm in the Middle
Girls Play
The Vault (TV game show)
Sony Playstation, 0-Box games
Lord of War (Nicolas Cage)
Cat Woman (Halle Berry)
RV (Robin Williams)
Click (Adam Sandler)
Dawg (Elizabeth Harley)
Into the Sun (Steven Seagal)

and has also appeared on various compilations such as “Cafe Del Mar”, “Happiness” (Chall'o Music) and more.

Nowadays Zino is working on featured projects signed to his label “Electric Chair Records”: “Porn Star Mansion”, “Judean People's Front” amongst others.
He creates music for some of Israel's leading TV shows such as:
“Hisardut” (the Israeli “Survivor”), “Eretz Nehederet”, “Hacasefet” (“The Vault”).

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