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Andrea Baroni

About Andrea Baroni: Andrea Baroni (Italy, 1978), is a songwriter and a multimedia artist.
When he's not dwelling around the moon (mainly with his head) he lives in Italy, where he works and creates his music in his own studio, called Cyberleaf.

His music seems difficult to catalog: it ranges from electronic and rock progressive, to orchestral textures, intimate piano songs or more experimental passages.
But in the end the aim is always the one of telling a story, to awake emotions and let the listener bethink (and hopefully have also a good time listening to it!)

He began studying Classical piano at the age of six. Then metal bands and electronic albums ultimately led him astray, making him fall in love with synths and with the world of modern music. After receiving a Master in Computer Science in 2003, in 2006 he moved to London for a few years, where he succesfully achieved a degree within SAE Institute.
Since then he established his own project studio back in Italy, called CYBERLEAF, where he creates his own music and soundtracks for many multimedia projects.

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