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Zach Strout

About Zach Strout: Zach says: "I grew up listening to country music on the car radio, and the vocal genius of Sinatra while doing dishes at the kitchen sink after dinner. I always dreamt of being as big as George Strait and in my high school years, I wanted desperately to be in a hardcore band. Since I was young, I've loved performing for people. Whether it was singing on a Sunday morning in church or in school musicals, I've never tired of the rush of bringing music to life for people.

"Two years ago, when I came to a point where I thought I could play guitar in front of people and not fall on my face, I began to write my own songs. Leafing through old journals, it's very evident that writing didn't come easy to me, but I wrote non the less. Many of the first songs that I actually felt like playing for people simply came out of prayer and reading the prayers of David in the Psalms. Of the myriad artists that have influenced my writing and playing styles, the few that really grab me are the ones who seem to bleed their emotions and beliefs into the very music that makes it's way to our ears."

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