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Hunter Townsend

About Hunter Townsend: Originally from East Texas, I've been living in Austin, TX for several years and performing with a metal/hardcore band called Prey for Sleep. I love metal, and screaming is one of the greatest releases I've come across, but to take a page from my older brother, confining yourself to one genre is defeating the spirit of being a musician. I've been writing these acoustic songs since I was 15 or 16 years old, dabbling for the first time in love and death and disappointment, and it's become a way for me to say the things that I can't scream. Just as some things deserve to be said at the top of your lungs with a full band behind you, some things deserve to be said at barely a whisper with nothing to hide behind. I hope you like the music, but if you don't, I'll keep playing it.

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