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About Pandamonia: World Charting Vocalist Sherrie Lea (formerly of Hibias Nick Satan Fiorucci, Who's never paid his artists and illegally released her album of songs she wrote and Dr. Finkelsteins very interesting book subject) stars with Pandamonia: BAND BIO Flashback to Heart, Led Zep, Floyd, The Police and arena Rock. Mix in some pop, Eurthymics style, time warp to 2008, you've got PANDAMONIA. Sherrie Lea, powerhouse vocals, Blakk, heavy metal guitar hero with Page/Gilmour skills and the most powerful drummer on earth, George Harrison! Look out world! Pandamonia also enjoys working hard on the front lines for Animal Rights and other issues that need seen to. What better way to speak up than through Marshall Stacks turned to 11. Pandamonia sound and play like the classic rock legends they are compared to. Rock and roll and punk spirited, make breaking down doors and barriers as easy as breaking equipment on stage. Musical genius', multi instrumentalists and asskickers, their sets get the party started and keep it movin' all night long. Rockin and lookin out for the little guy!

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