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Ciro Perrino

About Ciro Perrino: Ciro Perrino was born in Sanremo where he started studying music and playing drums and percussion.

In 1970 he founded the progressive group IL SISTEMA, one of the most outstanding bands in Italy at that time, experimenting with a unique combination of rock & classical music.

In 1972 he became a member of CELESTE, playing mainly acoustic instruments. The only album by the band "PRINCIPE DI UN GIORNO", recorded in 1974 but released in 1976, is one of the most sought-after records for music collectors all over the world and a source of inspiration for all those musicians of the new generation deeply involved in "progressive music".

In 1980 his album "SOLARE" was released. This instrumental work contains eight tracks, each one dedicated to a planet in our solar system. On this planet sales were good and critics' opinions were favourable!

After ten years he came back to the music scene with a new album "FAR EAST", containing fourteen tracks; each one with its own evocative and suggestive function and not a mere descriptive or didactic one.
He manages to avoid the repetitive and mechanical aspects of electronic music, leading the listener on an imaginary journey through the ancient and new Far East.

"THE INNER GARDEN", Perrino's opus from late 1992, is a real work in progress.
Starting where "FAR EAST" ended, each one of the sixteen tracks shows a deliberate plan in pursuit of a musical simplicity that is a successful attempt to express his musical vision of today.

At the time Perrino produced high quality progressive and electronic music. He played all the instruments on this album and it is a noteworthy achievement by this very gifted musician. His third solo work "THE INNER GARDEN" has been published in almost all European countries and has also been successfully distributed in the USA and Japan.

1994s "MOON IN THE WATER" and 1998s "DE RERUM NATURA" were all further steps towards Perrino's real goal, the perfect synthesis of classical and electronic music.

Ciro's latest work "L'ISOLA" is somewhat different to his earlier work. Some would say it's the natural progression for a musician of his type.

Recorded with a twenty-three piece orchestra, which included some of Italy's premier musicians, "L'ISOLA" is the culmination of orchestral tradition, European cult instrumentation and the recent passion for a spiritual search in music.

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