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About Psycliq: Nominally an electronic rock project, the best word to describe Psycliq’s music has to be “ecclectic”. Ranging from hard rock to smooth jazz, from ambient techno to gritty blues, Psycliq’s music defies a single genre classification. Citing influences as diverse as Celldweller, Glenn Kaiser Band, poor old lu, and Joy Electric, Psycliq makes music that is often unique and always interesting.

With four albums currently available worldwide, Psycliq shows no signs of stopping.

A Boston-area musician named Justin Richer is the sole force behind Psycliq, handling all writing, performance, and production for the band. A classically trained pianist from a family of rich musical heritage, Justin has grown up surrounded by music from an early age. Ever since his piano teacher introduced him to the Korg M1 music workstation, Justin has been enamoured with the possibilities of music synthesis.

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