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About jsin: If there were ever an artist who thrives off the fringes of musical definition, it is jsin. Although his primary influences are known to be derived from musical genres that would typically fall under the Rock category, there is a strong undertone of ambiguity that pervades his music. Produced by Vikas Kohli of Fat Labs, the Montreal/Toronto native's debut album titled Born takes you through a smorgasbord of heavy riffs, electrifying melodies, and vocals that are reminiscent of a young Axl Rose; all of this, wrapped up in a package that has undertones of Rock, Electronica, Pop and Trip Hop. The album is anything but typical millennium rock, yet it manages to stay clear of the overused mashup label. You get the immediate sense that jsin is not your everyday rock musician, but more of a shape-shifting messenger; a true artiste as the French would say. And, for an artist who only decided to pursue his musical dreams less than three years ago, jsin's stage presence paints a deceiving picture. His smooth snake-like movement across the floor is reminiscent of a Jim Morrisson, while his connection with the audience is a throwback to the early days of Guns n' Roses.

Born, the first album from jsin, is currently available on Apple iTunes, and the video for the first single, 'Inside' is slated for release in March 2010.

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