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Sibyl Vane

About Sibyl Vane: Sibyl Vane is a french band.
We spent a full year finding us a new way to tell stories. Finding new stories to tell ourselves...
We wrote to people and people wrote to us too. So we made music and illustrate it together.
Then summer came and the stories were still exciting, so they were recorded "live" in France (in a couple of days).
Then winter came again and the songs found a shelter in the Hotel2Tango in Montreal. Howard Bilerman (Arcade Fire - A Silver Mt. Zion) shaped them.
So here they are.. well, soon. (May ?)
"The Locked Suitcase" will be the title of this collection of songs.

We want to thank all people involved in this project, at every level. We'll publish a list soon ^^
But thanks to Mike Garson and Lydia Lunch for their beautiful contributions.

We're independant artists and run our own commercially-speaking-suicidal-label called "A Tant R?ver Du Roi".

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