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ellee ven

About ellee ven: UNSIGNED MUSIC MAGAZINE’S pick for VIDEO OF THE YEAR, ellee ven has managed to get popular support from the music community with her songs heard around the world. ellee ven’s do-it-yourself approach has worked out well as she readies for her April 2007 release of YOUCANBUYME.

YOUCANBUYME fuses dance jams and ballads created by handpicked producers including superstar turntablist DJ SWAMP (Beck''s DJ from 1996-2000 and contributor to albums by Kid Rock, The Crystal Method & Morcheeba),Antony Lee, Prod?je & Reggie Dozier (Outkast, Shelby Lynne, Justin Timberlake, & Kenny Rogers).

A teacher turned artist, ellee ven, born Jessica Lazaro Kunin, changed her name and changed her life. “I’m Spanish, Greek, Russian, German and Italian. It made sense for me to create something all my own since I could no longer cling to any one part of my heritage. The plan has just been to be me, to make art that I love and that might be enjoyed in the future.”

ellee ven’s release of her CD/Vinyl series titled PROJECT 11 has allowed this artist to hone in on her own genre she calls “groovetonics”, “DJs control the play list…they like a variety of music and so do their listeners. Think about Jay –Z releasing a single with Linkin Park, or Tim McGraw and Nelly. It’s about great songs, great creative energies collaborating to make something unique”. ellee ven’s remixes have solidified her commitment to DJs for their constant support of her music. ellee ven goes on to say, “Thanks to DJs, my vision of remaining open to all genres, has become a reality. People appreciate the power of melody and the ability for songs to translate well in different genres and languages. It just comes down to what sounds good. And one’s art is the greatest thing they can give to the planet, I think.”

Building on her mantra that anyone can make a difference through art, ellee ven’s annual Give Into The Groove event has enjoyed increased success. “ I always wanted to do something for others through artistic expression”, says ellee ven. Over 1000 people volunteer their time, talents and funds to the event annually.

Hot Sauce Records’ founder ellee ven has managed to create a signature style bringing together veteran producers with up-and-comers. “We’ve always had merch and fans really like it. We started to have repeat customers because they loved the quality, affordability and comfort of our selections.” HOT SAUCE RECORDS INTIMATES will make it’s debut just in time for Valentine’s Day. “Just like with my music, I’m putting a new twist on something familiar. The styles we have are simple, tried and true. They’ve stood the test of time.”

YOUCANBUYME is ellee ven’s 5th full length release on independently owned HOT SAUCE RECORDS. Her goal is that you can buy into the lifestyle: the music, the clothing, the belief that you can be what you dream….. HOT SAUCE RECORDS Intimates will also be available on-line and in select retail stores.

ellee ven has been featured in Music Connection, Campus Cicle, Billboard and has graced the cover of Unsigned Music Magazine and Saludos Hispanos. ellee ven’s music has charted on international dj charts and radio. ellee ven’s site (www.elleeven.com) showcases the range and diversity of her music which she self titled, groovetonics: a mix of electronica, pop and rock. UNSIGNED MUSIC MAGAZINE also nominated ellee ven for 2005 ARTIST OF THE YEAR and her album FUNKY BOHEMIA for ALBUM OF THE YEAR.

Totally original. New but familiar. ellee ven.

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