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By Divine Right

About By Divine Right: It’s the kind of music that one can’t get sick of listening to or watching, over and over and even over. In a world of musical overkill and saturation, By Divine Right stands above, each listen still fresh, still so mysterious. It’s called music with a past, present and a future.

By Divine Right have been touring, recording, touring, writing, and touring, well it seems like forever, but every show they do is like a first experience for the audience, even for the die-hard fans. Never before has a group guided their audience through such vast fields of emotions as Jose Miguel Contreras, Colleen Hixenbaugh, Brian Borcherdt and Dylan “Dill” Hudecki. They can take you from a smirk as you reminisce or try to imagine what a musical love-in is really like, to a mouth gaping wonderment at the brilliance of playing their collection of instruments. You will rock out, almost in a head banging way and then you will calmly sway as they charm your senses. Each member being highly skilled in various instruments, it is not out of place to see them change it up. Jose the frontman, lead singer and uber-songwriter. Brian with his degree in the science of sound and Colleen gracing the stage hypnotically. The Dill is really a superhero character.

The group in various incarnations prior to this formation has consistently been considered leaders in Canadian alternative rock music. Jose has put out numerous albums over the years, yet within this present group he has found his fellow family of musicians.

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