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hooyoosay's news flash

"Palm Tree In My Garden", the new single by hooyoosay
posted May 10

"Palm tree in my garden" by hooyoosay sounds like a happy beach-pool-summer fun song, and brings a blend of pop, R&B, rap, alternative, funk and a bluesy, vintage 70's feel.
It deals with the topic of having all the wealth and popularity in the world, but then perhaps being a bit on the losing side as for true friendship.

Brett Stewart reviewed and wrote:
Like their past creations, ‘Palm Tree In My Garden’ is chock-full of personality. I love the vocal patterns and harmonies.
I’m not terribly sure where to place hooyoosay... again. They toy with pop harmonies, as before, but this time, they’ve injected some R&B and funk influences to their instrumentation. At one point, a raw, scratchy harmonica even fades in and out of the soundscape to surprising effect.

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