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Piotr Janeczek (Ashaneen)'s news flash

An Epic Fantasy Adventure Music!
posted January 23

"Legend of Eternal Love" - a new, very emotional, epic cinematic track, uplifting and powerful with beautiful melody, created for the great fantasy and adventure movies, game scenes and trailers. Slow melodic beginning, which quickly turns into the fast and powerful epic orchestra.
Big adventure, amazing quest and mission, eternal love, infinite space and horizons, great longing and emotions, freedom, fight for love and glory, horse ride and hawk flying. Heartwarming and touching pan flutes, great choirs and voices, big and fast orchestral strings, taikos and fx.

Created for emotional epic movies and scenes, impressive trailers, video games, fairy tales, fantasy and science fiction themes, actions and adventures, documentaries, travels, nature scenes (mountains, oceans, sky, flying), for motivational and inspirational projects, sublime events, for presenting your opener, logo, intro.

Listen to this track: http://www.youlicense.com/SongDetails.aspx?ID=444533
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