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Website: www.sleepwalker-music.com
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About Sleepwalker: Sleepwalker a.k.a Lyubomir Yordanov started to work on the Sleepwalker project back in 2000, after years of studying music, exploring ethnic cultures and inspiring by vast journeys. With more than 300,000 listens online, Sleepwalker (at age 26) almost instantly became one of the most successful artists from Bulgaria in his genre. It is no chance that the track “Invisible Cloister” from his 3rd album occupied the 1 place in the World chart of the prestigious website GarageBand.com and stayed there for 8 months. Like proud member of ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers), Sleepwalker released 3 albums since 2004 - “Flower Of Life - 2004”, “A Tear For Kursk - 2005”, “Amenti - 2006”.

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