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About Navigators: The band as it is now works since spring 2005, when it got together for a Coca-cola popstar contest. Out of 400 bands from all around the country, Navigators made it to the top ten. They did not fit the idea of the finals though. "The fact we did not win the contest was the kick we needed. We were motivated to make it on our own without the support of a big company. Now, it seems the harder ways bring better results."

Czech radios, magazines and promoters started to recognize Navigators as an R´n´B band which is actually not a precise definition of the sound the band performs. Since every single member grew up on a radically different music than the rest of the members, the "INPUT" is a mix of soul, rhythm and blues, pop, hip-hop, punk, rock and jazz. The final sound is a rare mix of soul, jazz-rap, rhythm and blues, funk and hip-hop.

Since November 2005, the band performed four times in Prague's legendary Lucerna Music Bar. The most successful gig was certainly performing as a warm up at the first Earth Wind and Fire concert in Prague ever. "We have heard there were more than eleven hundred people in the house which is more than the space can afford. It has been a great honour and a life-time experience."

Over this year, the band performed with bands like Doug Wimbish-Little Axe, Dj Vadim - Oneself project, Ohmega Watts, Sorgente and Monkey bussines. After many succesfull shows Navigators now plan to make a record which should be out in March 2007.

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