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Don Twizzi

Website: www.myspace.com/djallnyte
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About Don Twizzi: Don Twizzi is an explosive electrifying talent with the swagger of a veteran entertainer and the mystique of a "real life" phenomenon. Born and raised in Southeast Washington DC, Don Twizzi currently resides in northeast section of town. Don Twizzi initially stepped into the limelight as a member of Caperstyle Mobsters. After the derail of numerous group situations, his drive and determination would not allow for failure. His current projects include the completion of his solo debut CD, "Mr. Str8 Money". In an effort to create a superstar-making partnership, he linked up with Thats Kraze Productionz and later formed the ever magnetic “BeatRich Boyz” hit production team "Dropking" – ‘HooKraze” and “Shank”. He has also wrapped up video production of his first underground single, "Get Money, Get Cash", with the guidance of renowned director Dr. Szham. Along with his lyrical domination, Don Twizzi has that special ingredient that could allow for him to make a leap to the motion picture industry. He possess that "thing" or "that look" that casting directors make movies stars out of. He has been approached by TV executives from networks to host shows, sitcoms and reality television shows, to be the principle actor or offer his gifts as script writer. His future projects include dates for The Collard Greenz National Tour 2007, working diligently with a high profile movie director on an upcoming film. And developing an interpersonal DVD of Souljer Boy Records/Conglomerate Music Group LLC Camp that documents the years of his personal struggle, the relationships, the drama, and the ballin'. Don Twizzi is the new 2010 version of an artist that has crafted himself into a marketable machine. He is a bona-fide entertainer, an undiscovered element that's undeniably raw, powerful, and real. Be prepared to meet Mr. Str8 Money.

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