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Bain Anderson

Website: myspace.com/bainanderson
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About Bain Anderson: I am an independent
self-sustaining solo artist dealing (at the moment) primarily in rock/pop, A/C, and AAA genre’s. The masters are 100% owned by me. I am currently working with engineer/producer Sam Ryan of SOS music in Vancouver. Sam Ryan has produced and engineered along side some of the music industry’s most accomplished heavyweights including Jack Endino (Nirvana, Soundgarden) and Brian Newcombe (Jessica Simpson, Celine Dion).

I have been writing, recording and perfecting my craft for almost 20 years. On the songs you are about to hear I sing and play all instruments.

From a business perspective my current direction is to stay independent and to seek non-exclusive contracts in the TV, Film, Commercial and Video Game industries. However, given the right opportunities I am open to exclusive contracts and other avenues of business.

Music is everywhere you turn in the world. I am passionate about what I do and proud to be independent.

I would love to hear your thoughts about my music and how we can develop a mutually benefiting partnership.

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