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About T Riley: T Riley has led a nomadic lifestyle since leaving her hometown of Medicine Hat, Alberta. She has travelled the world and moved around the country gathering experience and musical influence that provides many dimentions to her unique brand of "indie pop rock". T weaves from heavy, progressive rock, then out comes a sweet, pretty, country-esque ballad. Her music reveals diverse influences ranging from Blondie, to PJ Harvey, No Doubt, even Tool, then will take a Sheryl Crow/Tom Petty turn to keep you on your toes. This is all woven together with the thread of T's voice.

The nutshell Musical History of T and her band: While in Vancouver, T leant her back up vocals to Bocephus King,s "Joco Music", as well as Jesse Zubot's "Zubotta", and put out a solo album "Another Day" which garnered some warm and fuzzies from local press. T then played the rock circuit in Toronto for 2 years, then, in the spirit of searching for fulfillment, moved back to Vancouver in 2003 to take the Jazz music program at VCC.

T hooked up with Howard Redekopp (New Pornogrophers, Tegan and Sarah, Mother Mother) to add his "fine attention to detail" style of production to her latest, self titled album. The result is an intelligent, sophisticated pop album that gives a little something for everyone.
Live shows are a feast for the ears, showcasing strong vocals, superb musicianship, and high energy. Check it out!


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Play Song  Running Away

by: T Riley
Uploaded by: swank

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Type: Song
Subject: abandonment
Genres: Progressive Rock
Moods: Aggressive , Angry , Dark , Disturbing , Dramatic , Eerie , Emotional , Epic , Fearful , Forceful , Haunting , Intense , Melancholic , Unfriendly
Styles: Dramatic Soundtrack , Film Noir , Gothic/Classic Horror
Instruments: [No Data]
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