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Pavel Tukki

Website: paveltukki.net
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About Pavel Tukki: Pavel Tukki’s creative development began in 1995 when inspired by the music of D.Sylviana, B.Eno, Talk Talk he got involved in acoustic ambient. Further among his priorities was mainly jazz, even ambient jazz. Searching for the calm, “the state for the single immersion” he made the first album “Nega”, released by Citadel records label in 2005. “Nega” consists of the elements of minimalism, atmospheric and cool jazz. The disc received good appraisal of the critics from leading music and entertainment magazines.

In 2007 Citadel released Tukki’s new album “Salt and water” in which the musician continues to broaden the borders of minimalism, cool jazz and acoustic ambient in search of his own language to convey the subtle nuances of mood and his lyrical attitude to the world.

The album consists of two parts. “Salt” is the primary and more structured of the two, with its fully arranged and orchestrated vocal works. Appropriately, only its six pieces are named and numbered. The second component, “Water,” are ambient minimalist piano pieces with their title names appearing erased from the album jacket. These ephemeral, transparent “ambios” flow liquidly into each other and out into the surrounding space, where they continue to sound in pauses as long as a full minute. In effect, Tukki immerses listeners into silence to tune them into listening to the world as music.

Pavel Tukki adapts music styles to the sensibilities of the 21st century soul who strives to comprehend the connection of the ages and the circle of being and non-being. As such, Tukki creates a new musical epos – through which new facets of romantic jazz, outworldly ambient music and stirring minimalism are exposed. His new project creates music for multiple listening, immersion and inner equilibrium.

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