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About e=hf: e=hf is a guitar-oriented instrumental project by Matteo "Porter" Carcangiu, notable guitar molestator and quantum composer. The project tries to cover different moods and atmospheres, from uplifting to mysterious to dreamy to angry to joyful to funny, and uses different styles to convey the message: from rock'n'roll to country to metal to ambient to surf, to whatever you want.

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by: e=hf
Uploaded by: plancksequation

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Type: Instrumental
Subject: [None]
Genres: Acoustic , Minimalist
Moods: Atmospheric , Calm , Caring , Dreamy , Emotional , Good , Haunting , Heartfelt , Hopeful , Laid-Back , Longing , Melancholic , Mellow , Peaceful , Reflective , Relaxed , Romantic , Serene , Soft , Thoughtful
Styles: Ballad , Dramatic Soundtrack , Elevator Music/Public Access TV , Fairy Tales , History Channel , Info-mercial , Lullaby , Silent Film , Soap Opera , The O.C. , TV Drama , TV Youth Drama
Instruments: Acoustic Guitar , Bass - Electric
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