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Website: www.airtightassembly.com
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About JAB: JAB - President of Airtight Assembly Entertainment Lyricist/Composer

Jab is a versatile artist, from Washington, D.C., with serious lyrics, a complex style and strong delivery. He is a certified street spokesman who expresses his views on life, politics and controversial issues. Jab’s global reach extends beyond the United States to South Africa, Germany, U.A.E. and Thailand. His website www.airtightassembly.com makes it possible for Jab to reach the rest of the world with his music.

Jab is a writer, composer and the President of Airtight Assembly Entertainment. On his debut album, “Code Red” the Album, Jab has put together a diverse collection of songs utilizing a mix of live and digital instrumentation that the world is sure to embrace.

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by: JAB
Uploaded by: AIRTIGHT

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