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Hood: The Lyrical Arsonist!

Website: myspace.com/hollywoodhank
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About Hood: The Lyrical Arsonist!: My name is Henry H. Royster III a.k.a. Hood: The Lyrical Arsonist! I call myself that because I have written so many lyrics that pertains to what goes in my life and the life in others that I see as we live our lives everyday. Mostly of the creativity comes from my heart instead of my mind. The stories I tell that I share communications with people I know or just passin by in my life, I want them to feel what I'm feeling. Everyone goes through an experience in life, we might go through the same experience but it's not the same. My music takes you in a deep state into the mind with smooth style beats thinking about making a change in life. I want people to feel my experience as I go through life, putting theirselves in my place or vice versa. I beleive in what I write about will one day hope to change or save a person's life with the songs I write. I love what I do and I know I stand out from the crowd of what's being heard now in the music industry.
One day for those who follow my adventures in music, will be there in the end with me. Helping me make it to the top of the charts. I follow my dreams and what's in my heart. I let my music take me where I need to go. This is what I feel.

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Genres: Hip Hop , Rap , Singer-Songwriter , World Music
Moods: Atmospheric , Bouncy , Confident , Cool , Dramatic , Driving , Hypnotic , Laid-Back
Styles: Anticipation , Dramatic Soundtrack , Info-mercial , Nightclub , Party , Travel Channel , Travelling , Video Games
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