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PB Ploy

Website: www.quaggamusic.com
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About PB Ploy: "Singer/songwriter/rock violinist PB Ploy is a genre alchemist. By applying modern electric fiddle to everything from swing and blues to indie pop and jazz, Ploy utilizes his long history of performing to create an eccentric mix of old and new."
- James Christopher Monger, All Music Guide

PB Ploy combines a modern electric fiddle and electric mandolin driven sound with the best elements of diverse styles, including early rock, classic rock, folk rock pop & jazz. Eclectic in the extreme, PB Ploy's songs range from exuberant upbeat rockers to dark ballads. Anything good can end up as part of the final mix. The result is a unique brand of indie roots rock.

Originally trained as a classical violinist, PB Ploy later played fiddle and mandolin in the folk-rock group "The Wayfarers" before joining the bluegrass/celtic/acoustic swing band "The Red Branch Boys." Since going solo, he has devoted his time primarily to writing and producing innovative new music.

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Play Song  Midnight Heist

by: PB Ploy
Uploaded by: pbp

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Type: Instrumental
Subject: Instrumental about a robbery and car chase
Genres: Blues Rock , Classic Rock , Indie , Pop , Rock , Surf Rock
Moods: Aggressive , Anxious , Cool , Dramatic , Driving , Emotional , Energetic , Epic , Forceful , Lively
Styles: Action Adventure , Anticipation , Car Chase , Danger , Dramatic Soundtrack , Excitement , TV Drama , TV Youth Drama
Instruments: Bass - Electric , Drums , Guitar - Electric , Horns , Kettledrum , Mandolin , Percussion , Siren , Timpani
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