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Mike Mare

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About Mike Mare: Mike Mare has been working under the name Destructo Swarmbots for the past 7 years, which has given him the opportunity to tour all over and collaborate with some of the most ground breaking musicians around. Having built a reputation for creating emotionally intense sound scapes, he has started to work in the pop realm in his downtime.

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Play Song  Enough To Start Over

by: Mike Mare
Uploaded by: sonofswarm

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Type: Song
Subject: [None]
Genres: Alternative , Breakbeat , Dance , Drum & Bass , Dub , Electro , Electronic , Jungle , Pop , Techno
Moods: Bouncy , Confident , Cool , Energetic , Flirtatious , Lively , Mysterious , Positive , Sexy , Sophisticated
Styles: Action Adventure , Bump'n'Grind , Danger , Espionage , Frat Party , Horror/Thriller , Mystery , Party , Sex
Instruments: [No Data]
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