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Rudy Pusateri

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About Rudy Pusateri: Rudy Pusateri is an Italian musician, composer, producer and engineer. His music includes a great amount of different genres, among others Rock, Pop, Electronic, Orchestral and Traditional World Music. Rudy is currently involved in many projects including band productions, Film/TV OST, Web promos, Videogames OST etc... His tracks are landing in a lot of TV shows for History Channel, NatGeo, Discovery, Fox, RAI etc...

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Play Song  Friends in Love

by: Rudy Pusateri
Uploaded by: rudypusateri

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Type: Instrumental
Subject: Poignant and moving, worthy for a sweet film scene. The romantic and delicate moments will be highlighted very well by this mellow piece. Innocent pleasure, tenderness, kindness, and deep everlasting love.
Genres: Classical , Film Scores
Moods: Atmospheric , Emotional , Melancholic , Peaceful , Regal , Romantic
Styles: Celebration , Dramatic Soundtrack , Humanity , Love , Memories , Nostalgic , Silent Film , Togetherness
Instruments: Flute , Orchestra , Piano , Strings , Viola , Violin
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