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Jared Fowler

Website: www.jaredfowleris.com
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About Jared Fowler: The Jared Fowler Band has been the culmination of many extremely talented musicians coming together to perform hand written songs from the last ten years of Jared’s life.

The band's lead singer, rhythm guitarist and namesake Jared Fowler, has been writing songs and lyrics for the last 16 years. The band’s music is a representation of these songs, and is literally a dream come true. Jared has been soloing around the Vancouver region for the last 5 years, playing many of the festivals in Langley and Abbotsford areas as well as local clubs and venues around the Valley. After returning from Montreal in July 2009 playing a 2 well received shows at local spots, he decided it was time to head to the Studio, and record with an extremely talented and sought after musician, producer and Abbotsford native, Joel Noftle, and bring the music to the next level.

The music that the Jared Fowler Band has created is like Dave Matthews Band bumps into John Mayer, in a back alley with Jack Johnson and The Tragically Hip watch from an over hanging staircase, with some country star in the corner video taping the altercation and streaming live to Youtube. It is exciting to listen to and watch, and get up and dance to or just stomp your feet to, and other times it’s the music you want to listen to while you are about to kiss your love for the first time.

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by: Jared Fowler
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Type: Song
Subject: children
Genres: Acoustic , Ambient , Country , Gospel Music
Moods: Bouncy , Calm , Caring , Easy , Friendly , Mellow , Playful
Styles: Lullaby , Memories
Instruments: Acoustic Guitar , Celeste
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Vancouver Rain
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