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Mandrake Project

Website: www.mandrakeproject.com
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About Mandrake Project: In an age when nearly everything seems so easily traced to current trends or clichés from the past, THE MANDRAKE PROJECT arrives. The band’s music boasts a healthy helping of ornate instrumentation, slick production and dense orchestration that offers a listening experience like few others. Their first album “A FAVOR TO THE MUSE”, offers sprawling compositions in the likeness of Steve Reich or Philip Glass with rock instrumentation. Their second release “A MIRACULOUS CONTAINER” created a thick, cinematic ambiance that was ever changing and comfortably unpredictable with focus on huge melodies and breathtaking crescendos. On their latest effort, 2011's "TRANSITIONS", the band has added the ethereal vocals of John Schisler to a bulk of the tracks creating comparisons to exquisite falsetto luminaries like Jeff Buckley, Thom Yorke and Bono. The atmosphere that MANDRAKE PROJECT’S music concocts is one that will provide new experiences with each listen, and create a day-to-day soundtrack fitting any number of situations.

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by: Mandrake Project
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Type: Instrumental
Subject: [None]
Genres: Acid Jazz , Ambient , Avant Garde , Drum & Bass , Film Scores , Fusion , Indie , Jam , Lounge , Trip Hop
Moods: Atmospheric , Cool , Dreamy , Groovy , Hypnotic , Sensual , Smokey , Smooth , Sophisticated
Styles: Desire , Nightclub , Psychedelic , Sex , Travel Channel , TV Themes
Instruments: Bass - Electric , Bongos , Chime , Conga , Drum Kit , Drum Machine , Guitar - Electric , Horns , Saxophone , Saxophone & Reeds , Triangle , Viola , Voice Samples
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