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About Draeskillz: Streetwise aka Drae Skills is one of the original members of the Denver based rap group "Tha Merchantz" and also co founder of "Merchantz Entertainment LLC" a multi-faceted entertainment firm and record label that specializes in artist management, development, marketing, promotion, publishing, distribution, as well as song writing, beat production, and short run CD duplication . Tha Merchantz hail from Denver Colorado. There are five original members in our group. Streetwise, Spazmatik, Don Sosa, Scorch, and 1FIf. Streetwise and Don Sosa make up the production team S.o.S.t.r.e.e.t. (Saving Ourselves Through Real Entertainment & Entrepreneurship Today) Productions. As president of Merchantz Entertainment LLC Streetwise oversees the operation of the label, all publishing, marketing, promotion, distribution, as well as booking and management go through him. As an artist Streetwise sets himself apart as an emcee and lyricist by producing well constructed, insightful, intelligent rhyme schemes, and versatile deliveries along with creative word play. As well as rap he also writes r&b, rock, pop songs, and produces industry quality beats across various genres of music.

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by: Draeskillz
Uploaded by: draeskillz

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Type: Song
Subject: [None]
Genres: Ambient , Classical , Film Scores , Orchestral , Singer-Songwriter
Moods: Contemplative , Disturbing , Dramatic , Eerie , Emotional , Haunting , Intense , Sad , Smokey , Solemn
Styles: Danger , Dramatic Soundtrack , Horror/Thriller , Inner Turmoil , Loneliness , Memories , Obsession , Regret , Revenge , Sadness
Instruments: Chime , Percussion , Piano , Strings
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