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Trevor Horton

Website: Trevorhorton.bandcamp.com
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About Trevor Horton: Trevor has been writing music for the past seventeen years. He is self taught in piano and guitar. His music is a dynamic mix of Rock, Pop, Jazz, Folk and a multitude of other styles. His thoughtful lyrics and beautiful melodies are only topped by his soaring vocals. Trained in musical theater, it's Trevor's voice that sets him apart. Delicate enough to deliver a haunting ballad yet strong enough to belt out the most intense rock songs. Trevor has written multiple Specialty Songs for weddings and special events. Please contact him directly if you need a specific brand of song.

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Play Song  10,000 Days (Beside Me)

by: Trevor Horton
Uploaded by: trevorhorton

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Type: Song
Subject: wedding, love, together, forever
Genres: Easy Listening , Pop , Pop Folk , Soft Rock
Moods: Bittersweet , Caring , Emotional , Heartfelt , Longing , Mellow , Sincere
Styles: Ballad , Inspirational , Love
Instruments: Piano , Strings , Vocals
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Stars In Between
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