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Website: www.myspace.com/fyreflyrock
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About Fyrefly: Fyrefly are a three-piece acoustic rock band based in North London, UK. Three people coming together with incredibly diverse tastes and influences in music.

Taking the core of their influences like the powerful riffs of Led Zeppelin, the lyrical genius of David Bowie, rhythmic power of the Small Faces, while fusing tribal and ethnic riffs and rhythms with contemporary vocals and production techniques: and you have Fyrefly.

After years of hard graft, songwriting and learning the trade, they produced their debut album ‘Boho Sheep’. They album is a compilation of beautiful, powerful, soulful and enjoyable songs that take you on an emotional journey through the joy and despair of life, love, passion and heartache.

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by: Fyrefly
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Boho Sheep
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