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Joel K. Oliver

Website: joelkentoliver.com
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About Joel K. Oliver: I've heard it said that a picture is worth a thousand words. This may be true, but, music can take you places you can only imagine. Music can set a backdrop, bring back long forgotten memories or let you travel to longed for places.

I've seen signs posted in parks telling me to leave only footprints and take nothing but memories. Music, on the other hand, can and does evoke powerful emotions as well as memories of what has been or just as well could have been.

There are all too many times I've heard a piece of music that has given me goosebumps or has brought me to the point of tears. Music encompasses us all in different ways, but, it never fails to bring a response in varying degrees to us all.

Music has been and always will be one of the single most important factors in my life and I hope you enjoy my music as well as I have enjoyed creating it!

Play Song  What A Great Day

by: Joel K. Oliver
Uploaded by: JoelKentOliver

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Type: Song
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Genres: Chill-out
Moods: Bouncy
Styles: Travel Channel , TV Themes
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