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Turquoise Rose

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About Turquoise Rose: Instrumentation:
Olivia Francis: Vocals, Keyboard, percussion
A.K.A. Turquoise Rose


In the small Texas town of Quanah, on the Fourth of July, 1952 Olivia’s life began with a big bang!

She hails from a long line of Poets/Artists and Musicians on her father’s side.

I grew up with music and as a child would always seek out the neighborhood garage bands,following the sound down alleys until I found them.

I started singing rock in my 20’s until I was told I had a country voice. I guess that's what you get when you're born in Texas, lol! I used to get so aggravated because I didn't like country music at all back then.
But, after a while, I broke down, started listening & loving it!

Although Country music is my main genre I also enjoy experimenting with other’s, including Spirituals, Blues, Rock, Pop, Jazz, etc. I also love creating Jingles.
My musical influences:Olivia Newton-John/ Joni Mitchell/ Heart/Rolling Stones/ Eagles/Beatles/Fleetwood Mac (too many to list) to Linda Ronstadt/Loretta Lynn/Dolly Parton/Patsy Cline/Sara Evans/Shania Twain/ Keith Urban/Carrie Underwood and many more.

My musical adventures have included several bands including:
'The Leroy B. Band' (Bluegrass, Country)
'Flashback' & 'Kracker Jack'

I’m a former member of the FWSA,
And a current BMI affiliate.

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by: Turquoise Rose
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Type: Song
Subject: [None]
Genres: Country , Pop
Moods: Caring , Good , Happy , Heartfelt , Light , Positive , Reflective , Romantic , Sincere , Uplifting
Styles: Love
Instruments: Banjo , Drum Kit , Guitar - Electric , Keyboard/Synthesizer , Mandolin , Vocals
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