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Pitiful Reign

Website: www.confidentialrecords.co.uk
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About Pitiful Reign: Pitiful Reign started out in mid/late 2003 under the name of Metalegion, originally as a three piece, made up of three friends from school.
The following two years saw the band honing their talents, both live on stage and in the studio, releasing 24 Litre Killer (2005) and Toxic Choke( 2006) This was also the year that Pitiful Reign played their most prestigious live show to date, at Bloodstock Open Air, alongside Edguy, Metal Church and Stratavarious; as well as being voted 3rd best UK unsigned band in Terrorizer magazine.

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by: Pitiful Reign
Uploaded by: confidentialrecordsuk

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Type: Song
Subject: Rock concert behaviour
Genres: Hard Rock , Metal , Rock
Moods: Aggressive , Angry , Dark , Positive , Strong
Styles: Adversity , Anger , Danger , Party
Instruments: Bass - Electric , Drum Kit , Guitar , Guitar - Electric , Male Vocals
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Visual Violence
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