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Website: www.myspace.com/yuya
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About Yuya: Growing up near Toronto, Yuya was influenced by everyone from Neil Young to Rush, and from Leonard Cohen to his 3 biggest musical mentors: Dylan, Lennon and Marley.

With his new CD entitled Give U Everything offering an array of post-punk (a la Joe Strummer / The Clash, eg. Out In The Moonlight, written by DOA singer Joey Keithley) and modern rock (such as the Bowie-ish What Went Wrong, What Went Right) tunes that are bristling with energy, the disc is rounded out nicely by the spiritually inspired reggae tracks like Nyabinghi and Ganjah Wise.

Yuya is a Blue Pie Artist and available to You License from Blue Pie.

For more information on Yuya and how you can license any and all of his music please visit the following websites:

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Play Song  What went wrong, what went right

by: Yuya
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Give You Everything
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