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Blood Sugar X

Website: blackballuniverse.com/blood-sugar-x
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About Blood Sugar X: Hailing from Oakland, California Blood Sugar X is a punk band in the tradition of Bad Brains and Fishbone. Founded in 2004 by singer/songwriter Xavier Dphrepaulezz, the band released their first album, Crack Smack Sugar Shit Pop, the same year. Following their immediate live success, Blood Sugar X (known at the time as “Blood Sugar”) worked with director Ken Cravens to release a 10 music video DVD, complete with interstitial interviews and commentary, in 2005.

The band toured from 2005 to 2007, playing discos, dives, warehouses, and music halls across the U.S. and U.K. During showcases in New York and London coordinated by James Spooner, Blood Sugar X performed alongside other notable Afro Punk musicians such as Angelo Moore/Dr. Madd Vibe (Fishbone). In 2006, Xavier and his crew rocked SXSW, and gained further notoriety as the resident band for “Club Bingo” in South Central Los Angeles.

Fans revere Xavier's funk/punk sound for its "rare sensuality and spirit" that pays homage to bands like the Dead Kennedys, Bad Brains, The B52s, and Talking Heads. After a brief hiatus, Blood Sugar X returns with 2 new EPs in 2012. For more information about upcoming releases, please visit www.blackballuniverse.com, or find us on Facebook, Twitter and ReverbNation.

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Play Song  The Blob

by: Blood Sugar X
Uploaded by: angryant

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Type: Song
Subject: The witch is dead.
Genres: A Cappella , Acoustic , Acoustic Rock , Alternative , Blues , Classic Rock , Classical , Country , Soul , Underground
Moods: Chaotic , Dark , Fearful , Haunting , Intense , Mysterious , Sad , Scary , Smooth , Strange
Styles: Cartoon , Dramatic Soundtrack , Fairy Tales , Gothic/Classic Horror , Horror/Thriller , TV Drama , Unsolved Mystery
Instruments: Piano , Recorder , Vocals , Voice Samples
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