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Tom Principato

Website: tomprincipato.com
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About Tom Principato: As one reviewer mused: "Be careful, or Tom Principato could easily topple one of your current guitar heroes from their lofty pedestal...", after 38+ years and a career that boasts over 15 albums, 23 "Wammie" awards in numerous categories from the Washington, DC Music Assoc. and over 5,000 gigs which includes over 50 tours of Europe, Tom Principato has been taking his Indie infused eclectic roots mixture of Rock, Funk, Blues and Latin Sounds all over the World----all along the way leaving audiences wowed and slack jawed with his virtuoso talent. One look at Tom's road worn Fender guitars and it's easy to see: Tom Principato plays the hell out of the guitar.

For more information, visit: www.TomPrincipato.com, www.myspace.com/tomprincipato2 and www.powerhouserecords.com

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by: Tom Principato
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