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Secrets Between Sailors

Website: www.facebook.com/SecretsBetweenSailors
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About Secrets Between Sailors: SBS features a Thin Lizzy-esque twin guitar attack, bass, drums, piano, trumpet, and the occasional mind-bending, psych rock freakout. They dig Lou Reed, Sun Ra, Black Flag, Built To Spill, The Replacements and a million other bands, records and guitar tones, which they would be happy to talk to you incessantly about.

Here's what critics have said about their newest release "Now, Hear This!":

"The most ready modern-day comparison is perhaps Hold Steady, and even Bruce Springsteen at times, for the hard-driving, brutally-honest, exfoliated nature of the songwriting." - nuvo.net

“ 'Now Hear This!' . . . will make you a believer in the almighty riff . . . the record refuses to drag due to the relentless rhythm section of Maxson & Collins, whose work here shouldn’t go unnoticed. – Musicalfamilytree.net

And about their self-titled debut:

"[SBS’] self-titled release should be a solid launching point for A TALENTED YOUNG BAND." - Absolutepunk.net

"This self-titled debut by [SBS] is HOW ROCK IS DONE." - Adequacy.net

"SBS comes across like a tense but fruitful collaboration between Neil Young and Mission of Burma—LOUD, DISTORTED, MELODIC, GROOVY." -Big Takeover Magazine

"It's refreshing to hear a group mixing [these] seemingly divergent styles, and more importantly, DOING IT WELL." - Losing Today Magazine

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Genres: Alternative , Garage Rock , Hard Rock , Indie , Rock
Moods: Confident , Cool , Determined , Energetic , Positive , Strong
Styles: Desire , Excitement
Instruments: Bass - Electric , Drums , Guitar - Electric
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Now, Hear This!
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