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Piotr Janeczek (Ashaneen)

Website: www.ashaneen.weebly.com
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About Piotr Janeczek (Ashaneen): Ashaneen (also known as Inner Peace) is the artistic name of Piotr Janeczek, an Ambient, New Age, Cinematic and Space Music composer from Poland.

Blending spacey atmospheres and ethereal worlds, dreamy choirs and distant voices, his mysterious and tranquil soundscapes are widely used as excellent music backgrounds in a variety of relaxation, meditation, healing, massage, sleep, hypnosis and psychoterapeutic sessions, stress and pain relief, spa and wellness purposes. For example, Ashaneen’s music was used among others as background in the famous online guided meditation program by Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey called “Oprah & Deepak’s 21-Day Meditation Experience: Desire & Destiny”.

In addition to relaxation and meditation, Ashaneen’s amazing tracks also work perfectly for documentary, film and audio-video projects involving space, science, wildlife, nature, travel, cultural, history, human relationships, mind and awareness, paranormal and mystical, science-fiction and fantasy themes. For example, his music was used among others in the multi-award winnig documentary “Young Ice” (as well in the Official Trailer), created by Derek Hallquist from Green River Pictures.

In March 2015, Ashaneen signed to a renowned New Age record label – Real Music (www.realmusic.com), publisher of many famous artists like Omar Akram, Liquid Mind, Kevin Kern, Danny Wright, Karunesh, Peter Kater, Gandalf, Johannes Linstead and more.

Official website: www.ashaneen.com

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Type: Instrumental
Subject: Amazing ambient soundscapes, spatial and atmospherical with ethereal voices and choirs. Best for documentaries with beautiful landscapes, sunrise, sunset, travel, wildlife, nature, history, harmony, human relationships, mystery, space, galaxy, future or as excellent background for meditation, relaxation, healing, massage, spa, wellness, sleep, hypnosis and therapeutic session.
Genres: Ambient , Chill-out , Electronic , Film Scores , New Age , Yoga Music
Moods: Atmospheric , Calm , Dreamy , Hypnotic , Magical , Meditative , Mysterious , Peaceful , Relaxed , Spacey
Styles: History Channel , Inspirational , Mystery , Nature/Science/Cultural , Peace , Sci-Fi , Soundscape , TV Drama , TV Themes , Unsolved Mystery
Instruments: Choir , Female Vocals , Keyboard/Synthesizer , Male Vocals , Strings , Synthesizer
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Amazing Ambient Soundsca...
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