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AG Music

Website: www.adigoldstein.com
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About AG Music: Hi all, thanks for visiting my page, In a nut shell,
I'm a professional musician, composer,arranger,piano and a keyboard player also a producers and a demo composer and beta tester for Cinematique-Instruments and Soundiron,with a record of dozens of albums and hundreds of commercials and film scores.
I believe that music is the best way of communicating emotions and ideas, weather it’s for a commercial, website, film or homemade memorabilia, the right music track can mean the difference between an awesome creation and a lame project.
All of my music was recorded,played and mixed by me in my boutique studio With top of the line equipment and cutting edge technology, I explore new music constantly in order to stay as updated and fresh as possible!
Whatever genera you are looking for, I trust you can find it here, please note that each track can be customised to meet yours specific needs.
Thank you so much !
Hope you enjoy:)

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Play Song  Just A Little Smile-full Track

by: AG Music
Uploaded by: adigold1

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Type: Instrumental
Subject: "My Sweet Ukulele Song" is a very cheerful,happy,cute and light melody with a nice real Ukulele groove that makes u smile
Genres: Children , Folk , Pop Folk
Moods: Cool , Easy , Fun , Funny , Groovy , Happy , Joyful , Light , Mellow
Styles: Cartoon , Childrens Production , Motivational , New Year's Eve , Story , Summer , Thanksgiving , TV Drama , TV Themes
Instruments: Acoustic Guitar , Glockenspiel , Music Boxes , Tuba , Ukelele , Upright Bass
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Happy & Fun
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