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A New Ascension

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About A New Ascension:

In early 2005, a choice was made. Although this choice remains no more significant than the millions of choices made everyday in this world, it was a pivotal moment for A New Ascension, a progressive power rock band from Jacksonville, Florida.

The choice took place when guitar player Jared Boice and drummer Ricky Field decided that there was a place in the world of rock n'' roll for a band that was divinely inspired and spiritually compelled; a band that could deliver more than the monstrous walls of guitars and bass, pin-point drums and soaring vocals that they were already capable of. The fifth element to this band would be more than its message; it would be its obligation, its journey, its soul.

Although the message was clear in the minds of its members, A New Ascension had a daunting task in front of them. To present their message universally, to make it truly accessible, would mean to rise above pre-conceived notions and ideas, theologies and philosophies, dogmas and doctrines. The notion of TRUTH is not one that sees differences in race, gender, religion or class. Truth is felt by all; it is the first word written on the assembly instructions of our lives.

Whether or not we are ever compelled at certain points in our lives to deny this understanding is up to us as people. The choice is ours and the consequence of these choices not only writes history but also shapes the future. And it was in this understanding of choice, that A New Ascension found its purpose: to let listeners know that their lives are important, that they were given to them for a reason and that whom ever gave them their life is watching and loving them at all times. Each and every person has the ability to make the world better by accepting that they were created unique and special, and that making right choices is vital to our happiness and longevity as a collective.

A New Ascension was completed when Jared and Ricky recruited local powerhouses Mark McHone and Jordan Mylar to take over bass and vocal duties, respectively. After the completion of the line-up, the guys quickly got to work writing, rehearsing and recording. At present time the band has completed recording four songs and plans to begin performing live in the summer of 2006.

The Winter ''06 EP marked the project''s first professionally produced effort, recorded at Vision Sound Studios in Orange Park, Florida. While Boice generally drives the writing process, all the musicians who recorded on the The Winter ''06 EP made significant contributions. Jared Boice also serves as a Director/Video Editor for many other media projects, music videos, and short films.

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