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About MusicVision: MusicVision composes across multiple genres, specializing in music that goes really well with visuals.

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Play Song  Wonder - Warm Happy Positive Acoustic Guitar (with Piano)

by: MusicVision
Uploaded by: MusicVision

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Type: Instrumental
Subject: A very warm and postitive acoustic track with guitar, piano, and a light kick drums.
Genres: Acoustic , Americana , Children , Chill-out , Country , Easy Listening , Folk , Indie , Organic , Pop Folk
Moods: Bright , Caring , Easy , Friendly , Fun , Happy , Joyful , Light , Peaceful , Soft
Styles: Childrens Production , Friendship , Happiness , Inspirational , Love , Nostalgic , Summer , Thanksgiving , Travel Channel , Travelling
Instruments: Acoustic Guitar , Drums , Glockenspiel , Piano
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