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Curtis W Paul

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About Curtis W Paul:

Inspired by electronic music coming out on the air-waves of local Detroit radio stations, Curtis Paul creates electronic songs on an IBM PC using GW-BASIC during grade school. Curtis studied classical percussion as a child through to high school. During high school Curtis experiments with computer based sampling, drum machines and sequencing.

In 1992, graduation from high school meant working with Steve Rathbone’s “Junken Groil – Carcinogens of Popboy Green Christ” electronic death metal project. Immediately after Curtis pursues solo electronic composition inspired by the weirdness of Downriver, the rotted emptiness of Detroit, and the local Detroit motown/punk/art/techno/electronic music he grew up with. Curtis spends the 1990’s building up a synthesizer studio. Curtis spends his time in Detroit socializing/scheming with area musicians and artists.

From the 1990’s to mid-2000’s Curtis records and performs with various Detroit groups and artists on music ranging from futuristic hip-hop, noise, improvisational electronic jazz, and techno. Curtis records hundreds of solo tracks and many live recordings with no serious interest in releasing albums, self-promoting, or touring. In md-2000’s Curtis releases a track from his Abused Current project on Detroit record label Kenaob’s “Smodowapo” album. This marks the beginning of Curtis’s musical sabbatical.

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by: Curtis W Paul
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Type: Song
Subject: Man down in the city of Detroit.
Genres: Ambient , Breakbeat , Chill-out , Downtempo , Electronic , Minimalist , Techno , Trip Hop
Moods: Anxious , Bittersweet , Bouncy , Dark , Disturbing , Doubtful , Emotional , Grief
Styles: Confusion , Danger , Death , Future , Hi-Tech , Loneliness , Sadness , Uncertainty
Instruments: Computer , Drum Machine , Sampler , Synthesizer
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