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(Stephen James)

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About (Stephen James): Stephen James is a singer-song writer who writes from the heart. His music draws inspiration from his own experiences in a unique life filled with highs and lows, triumph and tragedy. This has given Stephen a magical ability in the way he writes, giving his music a depth that reaches out and touches people.

Stephen composed his first Urban remix in 2007 for [Giniwine].and nelly. Since then, Stephen has produced all his own songs as well as producing for many other artists. To date, Stephen has written, composed and produced a number of singles and remixes and a further 10 albums, 3 of which are his own. His genres include Pop, Indie, R&B, and the Soul side of House music. Stephen's musical influences include artists such as Seal, Paul Weller, The Who, Otis Redding and many more.

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by: (Stephen James)
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Type: Song
Subject: [None]
Genres: Acoustic , Acoustic Rock , Folk , Indie , Pop Folk
Moods: Easy , Grief , Laid-Back , Light , Lively
Styles: Ballad , Death , Funeral Procession , Heartbreak , Loneliness , Love , Peace , Sadness , TV Drama , TV Themes
Instruments: Acoustic Guitar
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