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by: freeSGAmusic
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Type: Instrumental
Subject: Guitar for travel. Always with. If you have a moment in the path, take a chord, then the second and the road will not so heavy. Calm musical composition is created using an acoustic guitar. A bit of the rhythm section is added to maintain the rhythm. A bright synth sounds in the final part add even more positive and spiritual. Well suited for video travel, family vacation, a slideshow for all advertising and media work.
Genres: Acoustic , Folk , Pop , Pop Folk , Soft Rock
Moods: Atmospheric , Bright , Calm , Dreamy , Easy , Happy , Light , Peaceful , Romantic , Soft
Styles: Ballad , Elevator Music/Public Access TV , Inspirational , Love , Memories , Motivational , Soundscape
Instruments: Acoustic Guitar , Drums
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