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John Greene

Website: www.maorimusicpublishing.co.uk
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About John Greene: For almost 50 years, John (JC) Greene (aka ‘English’ John Fox) has been passionate about and involved with, all aspects of music.

Brought up in the '50's in a small town in Cornwall, UK, badly educated and repressed by his Methodist parents, music provided the escape he needed.
First through radio and records, Elvis, Ray Charles, Roy Orbison, The Beatles and The Beach Boys and then into local bands.
The die was cast.

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by: John Greene
Uploaded by: confidentialrecordsuk

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Type: Song
Subject: Love and Friendship
Genres: Alternative Country , Americana , Ballad , Country , Easy Listening , Singer-Songwriter
Moods: Bittersweet , Calm , Careful , Mellow , Sincere
Styles: Ballad , Ballroom Dance , Heartbreak , Leaving , Love , Story , Western
Instruments: Acoustic Guitar , Bass - Electric , Drum Kit , Guitar - Electric , Male Backing , Male Vocals , Pedal Steel Guitar
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So Far
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