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Billie Stevens

Website: www.BillieStevens.com
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About Billie Stevens: Billie Stevens is an American singer/songwriter. He is best known as guitarist and singer in the Southern California bands WANK (Maverick Records) and Handsome Devil (RCA Records), and recently announced his first solo effort with the June 7th release; “American Youxia”.
Along with radio and Mtv airplay, Billie has put in his time on the road too. Several tours of the US and Canada, including multiple Warped Tours and an AFE tour of Europe has earned him thousands of fans across the globe.

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by: Billie Stevens
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Type: Song
Subject: A Call to action
Genres: Alternative , Gothic , Grunge , Hard Rock , Rock
Moods: Anthemic , Epic , Hypnotic , Vengeful
Styles: Motivational , Nineties (1990s)
Instruments: Bass - Electric , Drum Kit , Guitar - Electric , Male Backing , Male Vocals
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American Youxia
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